The first Underwear Underwear to combine Comfort, Style and Protection

Men's underwear - eliminate the dreaded


Men's underwear - eliminate the dreaded



Premium Underwear - Comfort, Style and Function

Comfort, style and Function combined to make the Perfect underwear for all men!


Our designer men's underwear combine ultra soft,  brushed polyester spandex or bamboo/cotton fabrics with an innovative design.  Fold over elastic waistbands eliminate chafing and waterproof lining within the pouch ensures that you will never again be embarrassed by an accidental urine leak.  Created to protect your outer garments as underwear are meant to do, SpotNots look great, feel great.

Waterproof Lining protects from AfterdribBle


  1. Waterproof, antibacterial lining ensures no embarrassing wet spots soak through the underwear and reach the outer garment!
  2. Fold over waistband eliminates annoying chaffing.
  3. Pouch keeps everything centred and comfortable.

3 levels of Protection



  • a lightweight waterproof layer


  • a layer of absorbency bonded to waterproofing


  • a layer of more absorbency bonded to waterproofing


Common Causes of After-Dribble


Common Causes of After-dribble

Prostate Problems

Prostate problems and the treatments required to correct them are the most frequent causes of urine after-dribble in men.

Nervous system disorders

Nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, spinal injuries or chronic conditions such as diabetes can all lead to urine leakage.


For healthy men, the issue of urine leakage is often a result of not taking the necessary time and care when finishing urinating.  Too often, men in a hurry rush to complete their trip to the urinal - the result is the occasional embarrassing wet spot resulting from non-medically related after-dribble.

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Origins of Men's underwear

The first men’s underwear were leather loincloths worn as far back as 7000 years ago.  Due to the heavy leather construction, sweat and discomfort meant they were not highly popular.

“Going commando,” the term used to reference wearing pants without underwear, actually has a practical purpose for literal military commandos. Since soldiers tend to travel light when on duty, they are often caught in rainstorms. If the rain gets the underwear wet, the wet fabric will irritate and chafe up against the skin it is touching. To avoid this, many soldiers in the field just go without underwear.

About the Creators and Founders of SpotNots

Portala Solutions is a partnership between Wendy Porteous (Scorgie) and Linda Kapala. They have known each other for over 40 years and met while teaching at Charles London Junior Secondary School in Richmond, BC.

Wendy (Bed, Med) started her career teaching Home-ec and PE and spent later years as a high school counsellor. She spent 13 years teaching in Germany, Syria, China and Vietnam. Her organizational and sewing skills are an asset.

Linda (BA, Med) taught Social Studies and Sociology and also was a counsellor. She moved to California in 1986 and ended her career as Career/Media Specialist in one of California’s top high schools.  Linda and her husband manufactured toys in the early 1990s and have an understanding of skills needed for entrepreneurs. 

Portala Solutions is a direct marketing company producing fabric products that improve lives.  We are solution oriented. “PS do we have a solution for you!” Although we are launching SpotNots,™ we have several other items that will make life better.

Our mission is to be a leader of quality products that meet the needs of consumers. We will be ethically aware with the sourcing of supplies. Portala Solutions will give back, it is the right thing to do.

The founders started talking about the need to make a better style of Men's underwear and SpotNots™ were born! Wendy started making prototypes and, much feedback from many people, we have a comfortable, stylish, premium product that will benefit many men.


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Manufactured Exclusively in Canada & the United States

Portala Solutions manufactures SpotNots exclusively in Canada and the United States.  Having lived overseas in places such as China, Vietnam and Syria, we are all too aware of the low wages and poor working conditions that sometimes characterize overseas manufacturing.  

In addition to creating a great product, we seek to be positive contributors to our society.  

The attachment below outlines the experiences of one employee in an overseas "sweatshop".  Please take a few minutes to read this article and we are confident that you will agree with our decision to manufacture in North America.

The Dark Truth About Child Sweatshop Labour, From A Girl Who Escaped

The Dark Truth About Child Sweatshop Labour, From A Girl Who Escaped